Practice Spiritual Awakening
to Transform Your Mind
We all want to feel fulfilled and free. Like all of this has meaning. We want to have a purpose and connect to the Universe/Spirit/God/Thee Divine. We want just as much success in our personal lives as in our career.

But without the stress, hassle, and constant time commitment of reading legions of self-help books or attending countless workshops. You just don’t have the time and energy for it all.
And besides, hasn't happiness continued to elude you...?
I understand, my friend. I’ve definitely been there, and I'm not afraid to admit it.

After struggling for many years, I finally realized I had to transform my life from the inside, not the outside. No job, relationship, or trip around the world was the solution to my happiness. 
I jumped off the hamster wheel of struggle and unhappiness by discovering the divinity within me. 

If I didn’t find the inner harmony and love, I knew I’d remain stuck in the constant search of what I wanted from everything outside of me... which clearly wasn’t working.

Life has become more fulfilling than I could imagine once I decided to devote my life to divine love, inner peace, freedom, and transformation. I know you can live a life that will unfold in new and unforeseeable ways if you allow yourself to awaken the divinity within. 

That’s why I’m so excited to share my secret with you!
 First, be assured: You can experience ANYTHING you want in this life. 
I know that might feel like a stretch, but you really can live a very full life. You can be as successful personally as you are professionally and live your best life. A life that truly satisfies your soul

Which brings me back to that secret.
You know what’s stressing you out, keeping you stuck in patterns of unhappiness, and blocking you from your highest goals?
It’s the constraints you (and society, your environment, etc.) put on your mind, body, and emotions that stop you from living up to your fullest potential and joy. 
Once you learn how to free yourself from the limits of your mind - and begin to live from your soul - the joy, abundance, and peace you can experience are profound! 
I know, you probably feel frustrated with searching and trying one more approach. And yes, I can hear you say, “Okay, Cole, that’s fantastic, but I don’t have time for one more thing.”

Got 10 minutes?  That’s all you’ll need.

Over the course of 11 Days you will get daily spiritual tutorials to expand your awareness and you will build a solid meditation practice - and it's not every day meditation practice. You will start with one minute a day and slowly build to ten minutes. 

Now isn’t your freedom and happiness worth way more of your time than that? But that’s all you need to learn to quiet your mind, connect with something higher, and finally experience true satisfaction.
And remember, this isn't just one more thing.
This is the thing! How do I know? 

Because you’ll get so much in return for such little time:

Over 11 days you will 
get to experience:
is 11 days to freedom right for you? yes... if you want to:
All it takes is one enthusiastic “YES” and 11 Days to Freedom is a perfect fit for you, my friend!
      The practices in 11 Days to Freedom are a key component to your big breakthrough. The trainings, videos, meditations, and practices included in this training will set your mind, body, and spirit up for your next level of love, success and joy. I cannot overemphasize how effective and mind-blowing this training is.

      The bonus - you get to do this all from the comforts of your own home!
      You will also benefit from my extensive experience. After practicing yoga, meditation, energy work, and personal and spiritual development for 15 years, I’ve designed a powerful training for you to amplify your journey to freedom starting NOW. 
      Check out what some of my previous clients have to say about co -creating with me:
      "Before coaching with Cole, I was hesitant to join a coaching program because of the cost and time commitment. Thankfully, I realized it was time to make myself a priority, own my life, and trust what was possible with Cole by my side. Since I started working with Cole, I have more peace and I am centered. I focus on self-care now and I have started loving myself. I have a new sense of trust in the universe and have surrendered deeply to my path and purpose. I love that Cole looks at coaching from a standpoint of love. It transcends everything and it impacts all. She teaches tools and methods that are lifelong, such as the daily rituals. This work has truly benefited my life and I have been able to impact others lives around me through my own transformations. I now spread more love and appreciation to all. I would recommend that anyone work with Cole. The healing and self love that comes from her program can benefit each and every person."
      "I can hear Cole‘s voice in my head and even when I’m not with her, I have a coach’s voice inside my head. I 110% trust her with my life. Through my work with Cole, I have broken through so many fears. Since working with Cole, I completed a spartan race, won a dance scholarship, did Grace revealed (a men’s emotional intelligence training) with an open heart and with a surrendered soul, went skydiving, and created love and confidence around my life. I understand now that I am an amazing man, and I’m ready to share that with the world. Thank you and I love you Cole!"
      Imagine what life would be like if you could calm your mind…
      Picture the results you could create with 10 times more energy…

      What kind of impact could you make if you woke up every day clear, passionate, and on purpose with what you were creating?
      Whether you know this yet or not, life would be very different in the best way possible!
      You can start living your 
      best life in just 11 days!

      Now you can get all the support and guidance you truly need for a major life breakthrough for a fraction of the cost and the convenience of working around your schedule and lifestyle.

      How much is your freedom worth?
      Isn't your freedom priceless? This training is worth over $150 dollars and you can get it today for only $27! That is over 80% off!
      That’s crazy cheap, right? But listen, this work is so important to me that I want as many people as possible to start shifting their mindsets and living free, happy, satisfying lives.

      Your time and energy (and money!) are important! Invest in the proven tools and practices that will expand your mind and spirit and support you in achieving greater results in your life!
      Through 11 Days to Freedom, you’ll quickly begin to release your blocks, free your mind, and amplify your vibration to align with what you want to create next in your life. Your next goal will require a new stage of growth and expansion.
      11 Days to Freedom will get you there.
      Is there something you have been wanting to achieve but you just aren't there yet?
      With a clear and empowered mind and spirit, creating progress towards your goals will be more accessible than ever!
      Begin Your Journey Today
      Thank you for saying yes to yourself and your life!

      I am honored and privileged to support you in your growth, healing, and expansion.
      Cole Bombino is the Founder of The Freedom Project-which has over 10 years of study and development invested in it.  Her mission is to awaken souls to their true divinity. She is a Coach, Energetic Worker, and Intuitive, and she utilizes all of these gifts to support every human that she serves. She’s coached thousands of people all around the globe, and has lead transformation in the lives of highly successful and influential leaders. She is a graduate of the M. E. School of Flow (Manifesting plus Empathic Intuition), a Certified Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, a Graduate of Ascension Leadership Academy and a Certified Yoga Instructor. She has worked with powerful leaders, entrepreneurs, and purpose driven humans, and her commitment to your renewal and freedom goes beyond measure.
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